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Following albums go for the highest offer (cash or trade). No deadline, so

make your move when you feel the need, but please bid accordingly as all the items are genuine rarities, no hype!                                                 

Good luck !

AGUATURBIA - Same (Arena Chile 70) Original copy of Chilean hard psych monster. Guitar pile-        M-(-)/M-(-)
           drivers, howling, wasted femme vox, jungle rhythm section and cover has to be seen
           to be believed. Has stamp on cover, otherwise real clean copy ! Has visual hair-
           lines, plays absolutely great allover.
AGUATURBIA - Volumen II (Arena Chile 71) Second / final album by Chilean mezcal drinking /             M-(-)/M-
           peyote eating / coke sniffing heads ! Immensely heavy raw guitars blasting, the
           girl howls, everyone goes insane... So do you, so was I when first hearing it.
           Superb cover art where the girl is crucified... Imagine the stir it caused in those
           countries at the times... I fuckin' love this album and this copy is nice as can be !
ALPHATAURUS - Same (Magma I 73) Nice original copy of superb Italian guitar / keys drenched            M-/M-(-)
           heavy progressive housed in spectacular triple foldout cover artwork.
ANDROMEDA - Same (RCA UK 69) Original UK copy of hard psych behemoth with amazing John Cann               M-/M-
           heavy guitar blasters. Nice copy !
ANDWELLA'S DREAM - Love And Poetry (CBS UK 69) Superb original UK copy of classic 60's psych          M(-)/M(-)
           period piece. Impossible to find a better copy !
ANT TRIP CEREMONY - 24 Hours (Private US 68) Very rare original copy of classic US folky psych            EX/M-
           with a drugged-out, "real" aura. Subdued vibe not unlike Stone Harbour feel to my
           ears. Awesome black and white psychedelic pensil drawing cover art. Real clean copy
           but not the best pressing.
ARZACHEL - Same (Evolution UK 68) Original UK copy of superb full blown 60's psych artefact.           M-/M-(-)
           Has one light inaudible scuff, plays near mint.
AZITIS - Help (Alco US 71) Top notch West Coast guitar beast. Long tracks, superb guitar /                M-/M-
           organ layers, great songs, dreamy vocals. 450 made and this copy is clean !
BACHS - Out Of The Bachs (Private US 68) Superb original copy of Holy Grail of 60's garagey            M-/M-(-)
           folk psych. Snakey fuzz guitar, dreamy, stoned feel / vocals. A must for any 60's
           garage buff. Has name on top of back, otherwise real clean.
BENT WIND - Sussex (Trend Can 70) All-time fave when talking underground psych brilliance.                EX/EX
           Great songs, fuzz blasting, caveman rhythm section, stoned vocals. One of the
           ultimate artefacts for any psych buff. Has writing on back cover, disc has light
           hairlines plays real great, close to M-. So very strict grading at...
BUMP - Same (Pioneer US 70) Top copy of great Michigan full blown psych with snarling fuzz,              M(-)/M
           roaring organ, dreamy vox. Real tripped-out stuff for sure. Still in shrink.
CAN - Monster Movie (Music Factory G 69) Holy Grail German psych classic ! Impossibly rare /            M(-)/EX
           impossibly great privately released debut that after more than 30 years still
           sounds as fresh / innovative as ever ! Disc is real clean, cover shows little wear
           like always due to extreme fragile nature. Has little price tag tear.
CA QUINTET - Trip Thru Hell (Candy Floss US 69) Fantastic original copy of psychedelic behe-          M(-)/M(-)
           moth. Sublime cover artwork, the music, well, everybody loves this I guess. Every-
           body probably watched the copy on eBay go for $ 4000. Well this is not sealed but
           as perfect as can be. So heavy bids needed !
CARGO - Same (Harvest Hol 72) Clean original copy of Dutch heavy guitar jammer. Long tracks               M-/M-
           with never letting up guitar action. Has name on label otherwise real nice copy.
SHINKI CHEN - Same (Polydor Jap 71) Superb original Japanese copy in thick gatefold cover               M-/M(-)
           + insert of solo platter by legendary Japanese Hendrix (Speed and Glue not mentioned
           anymore but those substances were around in the studio for sure). Monster fuzz
           psych in top nick.
CHICKEN BONES - Hard Rock In Concert (Procom G 76) Original copy of German heavy psych guitar         M(-)/M(-)
           blaster, long tracks, dual guitars, "real underground" vibe. Only 300 made. This
           is the real thing and has 2 original photos of the band on stage !
CHRISTOPHER - What 'cha Gonna Do (Private US 69) Impossibly rare privately released bluesy                 M-/M
           fuzz drenched psych with world weary yearning vocals / great songs / superb guitar
           work. One of the all-time best from that era... begging for you to suffer big-time...
CHURCHILLS - Same (Hed-Arzi Isr 69) Original Israeli copy of pre-Jericho heavy psych trip.          M-(-)/M-(-)
           Effects, phased vox, acid leads, spooky vox render this into an absolute top level
           psych artefact ! Real clean copy !
C.O.B. - Moyshe McStiff (Polydor UK 72) Original UK copy of folk psych classic. Fragile cover           EX/M(-)
           is perfect, record looks mint but very light surface noise due to fragile nature
           of pressing / music.
CORPUS - Creation A Child (Acorn US 72) Superb US original copy of wild Texan loud bluesy               M-/M(-)
           psych snarler with heaps of fuzz blasts throughout. One of the better albums in
           that field for sure and rare as hell ! Cover still in shrink.
COSMIC DEALER - Crystallisation (Negram Hol 71) Superb original Dutch copy of tremendous Dutch            M-/M-
           heavy psych with guitars / flute / stoned vox. Great cover art as well. Hard to
           find in nice nick !
COSMIC MICHAEL - Same (Bliss US 69) For me, one of the highlights of "real" 60's psych.                EX/M-(-)
           Classify along Grudzien / Tweddle although more easy to digest. Piano / guitar
           based ramblings that go into "Holiday Inn" bar-band realms, without being so if
           you are equipped with right ears. This is for me, one of the ultimate 60's psych
           rushes, while other might hate it... Original copy in original blue / black cover
DA CAPO - Same (Private G 71) Really great and rare German privately released underground               M(-)/M-
           jammer in the West Coast tradition, the Dead, Q.M.S. etc. Long dual guitar acid
           laden tracks with the right underground feel. Real fragile cover is in superb nick,
           disc is as clean as possible !
DARIUS - Same (Chartmaker US 68) Original US copy of tremendous Californian full blown psych              M-/M-
           with Goldenrod backing and this copy is super clean !
DOGFEET - Same (Reflection UK) Really clean copy of UK heavy psych into prog. Well composed               M-/EX
           songs, acidy guitar leads, like a more underground Wishbone Ash. Disc plays superb
           which is a minor miracle for the inferior vinyl pressing, cover's clean as well
           except for light ring. Has promo stamp on label.
D.R. HOOKER - The Truth (On US 72) Great copy of one of my all-time favourite US psych albums.            M-/EX
           Beautiful songs, wailing fuzz, deep vocals, great meaningful lyrics... Real perfec-
           tion ! No copies around anymore and an essential purchase for anyone into real
           psychedelia. Has dedication by D.R. on back cover, otherwise clean. Disc is in
           sublime nick.
DR. Z - Three Parts To My Soul (Vertigo UK 71) Original UK swirl copy of doomy prog beast.                M-/M-
           Cover's real clean gimmix intact, disc looks great but not the best pressing.
EARTH AND FIRE - Same (Nepentha UK 72) Original UK copy in superb die-cut gimmix cover of                 M-/M-
           superb mellotron / guitars / femme vox drenched progressive rock classic.
EASY CHAIR - Same (Vanco US 68) 100 copies made of dreamy West Coast guitar psych jammer with                EX
           Jeff Simmons (Mothers of Invention). Long tracks, terrific acid leads all over.
           One-sided album, plain cover + band picture. Has 4 light clicks, rest plays perfect
ELIAS HULK - Unchained (Youngblood UK 70) Original UK copy of totally wild heavy bluesy psych          M-/M-(-)
           underground. Growling vox, slashing guitars etc. A monster !
ELLISON - Same (Supreme Can 70) Original copy of savage guitar burning Canadian psych classic.            M-/EX
           Long tracks fuelled by driving leads, melancholic / dreamy vox.
ELONKORJUU - Harvest Time (Parlophone Fin 72) Original copy of Finnish heavy guitar mind                  M-/EX
           destroyer. Long tracks brimming with chainsaw fuzz blasts, wild vocals. Disc
           superb, cover light creases.
ESTES BROTHERS - Transitions (Private US 71) Awesome Ohio fuzz psych guitar jammer with long           M-(-)/M-
           tracks, Quicksilver realms, wild leads, wasted vocals. Highly recommended !
EXTRADITION - Hush (Sweat Peach Aus 71) One of the most beautiful, fragile psych folk albums           M-(-)/EX
           I know of ! High soaring femme vox, harmonium, organ passages, guitar, cello create
           a stark yet richly textured feel. Has basically the same line-up as the equally
           great Tully. Impossible to score decent copies downunda, this one's nice. Extreme
           fragile cover has minimum wear, no splits or tears. Disc is near mint but is so
           quiet that never plays a true mint. All in all this is a superb copy !
FAINE JADE - Introspection (RSVP US 68) Superb original copy of top notch New York Barrett-like          M(-)/M
           psych with backing by Bohemian Vendetta. A classic ! Cover still in shrink.
FIRE - Magic Shoemaker (Pye UK 69) Original UK copy of sublime psych concept album by Strawbs          M-(-)/EX
           guys. Clean copies are gone these days !
FRACTION - Moonblood (Angelus US 70) Superb original copy of monster Californian hard psych          M(-)/M-(-)
           beast. Howling, snarling vocals, blasting loud guitar breaks, great songs with a
           Doors-vibe (minus their ego overflowing). All-time classic die-cut window cover.
           A must for any psych buff and top copy.
FRESH MAGGOTS - Same (RCA UK 71) Terrific UK folk psych, great compositions, stunning fuzz             M-(-)/EX
           interventions, stoned, "everything is possible" naive vox. Love this album ! Not
           the best pressing and for some reasons always has ringwear on the back. Front is
           real clean.
FUZZY DUCK - Same (Mam UK 71) Original UK copy of classic hardrock guitar feast. Has very              M-(-)/M-
           light hairlines, plays superb. Really clean copy overall.
GANDALF THE GREY - Grey Wizard Am I (GWR US 72) Clean copy of killer East Coast folky psych             M-/M(-)
           with superb fuzz outbursts, heartfelt vocals, great songs. Days when this one was
           around are long gone...
MICHAEL GARRICK - Farnham : A Jazz Cantata (Private UK 69) Incredibly rare UK jazz piece here !           EX/EX
           Recorded '69 at Farnham festival with Don Rendell, Ian Carr and a number of UK jazz
           icons. Was released only for band members and friends. Never released commercially,
           less than 100 made. Never offered for sale as far as I recall. Laminated single
           sleeve with white / black / purple design, never released on CD either. Gotta be one
           of the rarest UK jazz albums from the 60's (and private pressings over all as well...).
           A must for anyone into quality, UK jazz excitement. Very fragile cover has lamination
           creases, vinyl cheap pressing, so...
HAMANA - Same (Canyon US 74) Never had before original US copy of great US Indian (later               M-(-)/EX
           became leader of his tribe). Strong vox, snakey West Coast leads, backwoods feel,
           some country stuff into one blend of log gone real Americana. Imagine Relatively
           Clean Rivers fronted by Yod ?!
HAUNTED - Same (Transworld Can 67) Original copy of Canadian garage psych classic ! Has visual         EX/M-(-)
           hairlines plays real near mint, cover is near mint bar a little ringwear on back.
           Very conservatively graded at...
HICKORY WIND - Same (Gigantic US 69) Tragically rare Indiana psych statue. Fuzz acid West Coast     M-(-)/M-(-)
           rockers, jangly folk rock, some bluesy psych jammers. It's all here and done with
           verve. Pre-B.F.Trike. Great copy in nice cover artwork
RANDY HOLDEN - Population II (Hobbit US 70) Original US copy of through-the-roof guitar                 M(-)/M-
           blaster by Blue Cheer axeman. Long tracks, acid leads. Has the usual drill hole
           like all of them. Superb copy !
HUMAN BEAST - Volume One (Decca UK 70) Original UK copy of mindblowing hard guitar driven                 M-/M-
           psych beast. Has light hairlines that don't do anything, plays near mint.
HUMAN INSTINCT - Snatmin Cuthin' (Zodiac NZ 71) Their fourth and rarest album by New Zealand           M-/M-(-)
           legends. Awesome songs, great acidy leads, one of my faves really. Killer psyche-
           delic gatefold cover artwork.
HUNGER - Strictly From (Public US 69) Original US copy of top notch Oregon psych classic               M-/M-(-)
           that everybody loves. Nice copy ! Has D.J. stamp on back.
INDEX - Same (DC US 68) Impossible Michigan based US garagey psych beast that's never offered             EX/EX
           the last years. This is the same album as the Voxx reissue with the black / white
           cover art. Has a melancholy to it that's breathing the same emotions as Stone
           Harbour although musically more garagey. I love this album to death and it's so
           rare you probably won't see one again for another decade.
           Has superficial hairlines, plays near mint. Cover has very light ringwear, so
           very strict grading at...
IT'S ALL MEAT - Same (Columbia Can 69) Sealed original copy of all-time classic Canadian garage          Sealed
           psych. Impossible these days to turn up a sealed copy !
LOS JAIVAS - Same (IRT Chile 72) Fantastic copy of megarare first album, only released in           M-(-)/M-(-)
           micro-quantity in Chile. Dreamy psych folk with stunning acid guitar lashes.
           Beautiful album and this has the rare poster !
JASPER - Liberation (Spark UK 69) Original UK copy of great psych blues. Housed in fantastic              M-/M-
           laminated acid-leaking cover artwork. Disc looks perfect but Spark pressings were
           not the best, this one is as clean as it gets.
JERONIMO - Same (Bacillus G 71) Original German copy of the "Indian cover". Top notch hard                M-/M-
           driving bluesy hardrock, screaming vox, thick fat leads buzzing around... One of
           the best German 70's hardrock albums ! Absolute clean copy !
JULIAN JAY SAVARIN - Waiters On The Dance (Birth UK 71) Original UK copy (+ insert) of superb          M-(-)/EX
           progressive classic with nice femme vox, organ / guitar layers. Very light seamwear.
JULY - Same (Epic US 68) Very rare original US white label mono copy ! Only mono in this form,         M-/M-(-)
           no stock copies exist ! Forget the US stereo rechanneled fake stereo, this is the
           real thing.
KAHVAS JUTE - Wide Open (Infinity Aus 71) Superb original copy of awesome Australian Cream-           M(-)/M(-)
           like heavy guitar driven psych with Jack Bruce-like vox, truly astonishing thick
           leads. Tremendous album in nice nick.
LEONG LAU - Dragon Man (Private Aus 76) Clean copy of top level Australian rarity. Long tracks,           EX/EX
           driving beat, funky rhythm section not unlike Spacefarm in parts, burning fuzz / acid
           leads, flute, sax. On of the very rarest items from Downunda. Comes with rare insert
           and a promo concert poster. Cover's clean bar some inevitable lamination creases,
           disc is not best pressing but clean overall.
LAZY SMOKE - Corridor Of Faces (Onyx US) Brilliant US dreamy psych with a Pepper touch but more           M-/M-
           underground sounding, fantastic acidy leads, stoned, out-there vox. This comes with
           posthumous paste-on cover made by the band. Never turns up anymore !
LEVEE CAMP MOAN - Peacock Farm (Private UK 69) 99 made. Megarare album put out by the L.C.M.              EX/EX
           "Private Peacock Farm" where groovy parties were held. 2 live tracks by Levee Camp
           Moan, long jamming stoned psych blues mayhem. A fierce, heavy bluesrock by John
           Thomas Blues Band and a brilliant prog / blues workout by St. James Infirmary.
           Highlight when talking 60's doped blues / psych underground. Housed in superb pen
           drawing gatefold cover artwork. Cheap pressing but nice copy !
LITTER - 100 $ Fine (Hexagon US 68) Original US copy of fuckin' loud 60's garage psych monster.           EX/EX
           Mandatory for any 60's psych collection. Disc has visual scuffs but plays real
           strong EX to M- so strictly graded at...
GARRETT LUND - Almost Grown (Private US 74) Brilliant small label released US magickal dreamy          M-/M-(-)
           psych with stoned vocals, spiralling acid leads, well composed songs / great produc-
           tion quality and superb thick acid leaking gatefold cover.
MAGIC - Enclosed (Armadillo US 69) Perfect original US copy of awesome psych guitar gem with                M/M
           tremendous long "Play" track that ranks as one of the best dual guitar jammers ever
MAJIC SHIP - Same (Bel-Ami US 69) Original copy of New Jersey garage psych beast. Awesome cover     M-(-)/M-(-)
           of "Down by the River", fuzz all over, wailing vox. Never turned up in quantity, so
           rare forever... Looks M- but not best pressing so...
MC KAY - Into You (Private US 77) Superb copy of awesome Idiana rural / psych guitar gem with         M(-)/M(-)
           the right low key / honest vibe. Only 300 made, impossible to find in this nick.
           Has 2 inserts.
MELLOW CANDLE - Swaddling Songs (Deram UK 72) Original UK copy of mucho wanted Irish female         M-(-)/M-(-)
           vox led electric folk rock gem. Really nice copy !
MERKIN - Music From Merkin Manor (Windi US 73) Superb copy of breezy guitar laden psych ripper          M(-)/M-
           from Utah. Great songs, superb sound, burning guitars and eye-popping purple / sil-
           ver negative shot cover artwork.
MONKS - Black Monk Time (Polydor G 66) Original German copy of over-the-top / wyld US garage              EX/EX
           raver. Has visual hairlines, plays real clean.
MOVING SIDEWALKS - Flash (Tantara US 69) Beautiful original US copy of all-time classic Texan          M-/M-(-)
           psych blaster. Every psych head needs this ! Has stamp on label.
NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS - Same Ridon US 68) Original copy of stupendous West Coast styled dreamy          M(-)/VG++
           psych housed in superb "hexagonal sugar cube" cover. Incredible songs, lost 60's
           naive dreams vibe, acid guitars, stoned vox. Disc is like perfect, cover is clean
           but has banged edges due to oversized nature. A must for any 60's psych buff !
NIGHTSHADOW - The Square Root Of Two (Spectrum US 68) Clean original US copy of classic garage         EX/M-(-)
           psych that's been rare / searched for since the late 70's. Genuine psych rarity this
           is ! Has rare poster. Cover has small initial on front, disc has visual scuffs but
           plays great !
PLASTIC CLOUD - Same (Allied Can 68) Original copy (+ insert) of all-time classic Canadian             M-/M-(-)
           fuzz psych monster. Clean copy but has little drill hole.
POOBAH - Let Me In (Private US 71) Original clean US copy (+ insert) of awesome Ohio hard guitar       M-(-)/EX
           psych blaster. Strong vox, real over-the-top thick guitar assaults. Mandatory for axe
PROCESSION - Frontiera (Help I 72) Original Italian copy of through-the-roof heavy guitar driven        M(-)/M-
           prog classic. No prog collection is complete without this one. This one has the
           handles, little saw mark. Disc has superficial hairlines, plays near mint.
RAYNE - Same (Private US 79) Long time no see Louisiana raw, basement sounding hard psych with        M(-)/M(-)
           a dangerous / wasted vibe in Sainte Anthony's Fyre realms. Outlaw vox, blistering
           fuzz works, great songs from the Twilite Zone Barn, Top copy !
RICORDI D'INFANZIA - Io Uomo (Cetra I 73) Clean original Italian copy of damn rare violent                M-/M-
           heavy prog excellence. Through-the-roof loud guitars, wild vox, complex breaks...
           the real thing !
RISING STORM - Calm Before (Remnant US 66) Totally classic US garage kinpin. Perfect combination    M-(-)/M-(-)
           of dreamy, moody folky tracks, raw garage blasters, superbly executed covers. Future
           museum piece. Has very light hairlines, plays superb, cover is real clean as well !
           Serious offers invited.
ROCKADROME - Royal American 20th Century Blues (Sound Canada 69) Original Canadian copy of much        M-/M-(-)
           beloved acid bluesy psych rarity. Great songs, strong vox, tripped-out lysergic
           guitars... Real great album and rare as hell ! Has mini drill hole, otherwise cover
           in great nick. Disc has 1 superficial hairline, plays like perfect.
SAINTE ANTHONY'S FYRE - Same (Zonk US 70) Original US copy of booze / drug influenced hard            M(-)/M(-)
           psych juggernaut. Insane / wasted vox, slashing leads, pounding rhythm section.
           Sound like a Pink Fairies from New Jersey. Superb copy !
SAMANTHA PROMOTION VOLUME ONE - Various (Private UK 70) Totally great UK promo (50 made)                  M-/M-
           compilation of unsigned local bands. All are in the typical UK late 60's heavy
           psych realms. Blistering guitars, effects, phased vox... the real thing. All
           killer, no filler. Some band names: Jugganaut, Vybes, Arandora's Life, Damascas...
           They never made it bigtime but here they had their moments of sheer power and glory.
           Bloody rare (seen one for 3500 $ at a big dealer list) and clean copy !
SEARCH PARTY - Montgomery Chappel (Century US) Nice original copy of West Coast 60's psych               M(-)/M
           gem. Dreamy feel, awesome female vocals, pumping organ, vicious acid / fuzz leads.
           Definitely as good as Hunger or Music Emporium. Was a small find 4 years ago, now
           long dried up... Absolutely perfect copy, still in shrink !
SHADRACK - Chameleon (IGL US 71) Original sealed copy of superb dreamy garage folk with a                Sealed
           loner Neil Young meets Stone Harbour vibe. One of my faves and this copy is Sealed !
SMACK - Same (Audio House US 68) One of the ultimate "real people" bands !! Covers of Hendrix /      M-(-)/M(-)
           Cream, played so heavily / so despairishly / so hopelessly that it lifts the whole
           thing way up to "higher key" 60's underground realms. 200 made, last one for sale
           must be eons ago. Own yourself a piece of 60's real underground and go for this,
           I'd say !
SMASH - Glorietta De Las Lotos (Philips Sp 70) Bloody rare original copy of Spanish full-             M(-)/M(-)
           blown psych beast ! Effects, snarling guitars, tripped-out vox. These guys were
           for real and this album's a bitch to find in nice nick !
SMASH - We Come To Smash This Time (Philips Sp 71) Second album by Spanish underground legends.          M/M(-)
           Totally wild psych with monster long track "Fail Safe" which ranks amongst the best
           European psych blowers. Fantastic copy !
SOLID GROUND - Made In Rock (Private Sw 76) Without a doubt the rarest Swedish album ! Totally      M-(-)/M-(-)
           heavy, piledriving guitar blaster, screaming vox. Not for the faint of heart. This
           is bloody loud hardrock in the early 70's vein.
SPACEFARM - Going To Eternity (Zodiac NZ 72) Top copy of New Zealand heavy guitar psych led              M(-)/M
           by the unbelievable Harvey Mann on guitars. Cover in shrink, disc near mint !
SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI - Eve (Atlantic Jap 71) Wild Japanese fuzz / wah-wah drenched hard psych          M-/M-(-)
           with the most savage / violent axework imaginable. These guys where on-the-edge
           for sure, no messing with them. Has all inserts.
STONE HARBOUR - Emerges (Private US 74) A true piece of history when talking homemade, honest         M(-)/M(-)
           psych. They sing with so much conviction, "tears" in their eyes, it's too real for
           some. There's some fuzz scattered inbetween, a melancholic "lost in the world"
           trippy feel. Did they take too much dope or none at all... you can't tell ! This
           album's boss to my mind ! Great copy as well !
STUD - Same (Baron US 75) Very rare Texan locally released hard psych guitar jammer of the              M-/M(-)
           upper level, 2 insane 13' long, spaced-out psych blasters are absolute highlights.
           This album deserves a reissue as few seem to know or heard this. Really recommended !
SURPRIEZE - Zeer Oude Klanken... (Private Hol 73) 500 copies made (most part thrown in the                 M-/M
           sea... really !!) private pressing of Dutch "real" psych monster. Electric leads,
           violin, distortions, phased vox, effects, flute... This really defines 70's psych-
           edelica. A true artefact and mega rare in this nick.
SVANFRIDUR - What's Hidden There (Private Ice 72) Nice copy of Icelandic progressive with                 M-/M-
           dreamy, folky passages mixed with loud, progressive moves, guitars / violin /
           flute / keys... Sublime all the way and tremendous gatefold cover art.
THIRD ESTATE - Years Before The Wine (Private US 76) Superb original US copy of locally released        M-/M(-)
           Louisiana folky psych concept album with superb acidy / fuzzy leads, haunting female
           vox, the right feel. Superb paste-on cover + rare insert.
TOMORROW - Same (Parlophone UK 68) Impossibly rare UK black / yellow label mono copy. Cover is         M-(-)/EX
           real clean but has stamp on back, disc is nice. Mono's are a bitch to find lately.
TUDOR LODGE - Same (Vertigo UK 71) Original UK swirl label copy of great femme psych folk               M(-)/M-
           housed in sublime multifoldout cover art. Superb copy !
VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO - Same (Verve US 67) Original US mono copy with banana intact              M-(-)/EX
           (little split at the bottom) stickered torso back cover. Mono versions in nice
           nick are rare !
VICTORIA - Kings, Queens And Jokers (Private US 71) Very rare New Jersey artefact. Recorded as         M-(-)/EX
           demo, strange mixture of dreamy psych with female vox, some fuzz psych blasts, organ
           based moody parts, CA Quintet-styled horns. Totally oddball stuff. This is the very
           rare version with stamped cover, 8 song version (1 more than the second pressing)
           and a promo letter.
GARY WALKER AND THE RAIN - Album No 1 (Philips Jap 68) Truly superb / megarare UK psych only              EX/M-
           released in Japan. Same level as July or Andwellas Dream, only 10 times (or 5 times
           maybe ?!) rarer. Housed in beautiful full colour thick gatefold with attached inner.
           Cover is in top nick, disc has light hairlines plays near perfect.
WHITE SUMMER - Same (Private US 75) Superb Michigan twin guitar led hard psych like a mixture        M(-)/M-(-)
           between Zeppelin and Wishbone Ash with a dash of Americana thrown in... Long tracks,
           snarling leads, they went for it !
ZERFAS - Same (700 West US 73) Clean copy of brilliant Indiana psych beast. Awesome songs,             M-(-)/EX
           lysergic acidy leads, swirling keys, filtered vocals, effects. Can't be bettered !
           Has light scuffs, plays close to mint as possible so...
ZOMBIES - Odessey And Oracle (CBS UK 68) Bloody rare original UK mono copy oftremendous psych             M-/M-
           classic. Mono copies in nice nick are impossible these days !



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